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At the start of the 2017 university academic year, Audencia SciencesCom and Télénantes will jointly set up Médiacampus on the Ile de Nantes, in the heart of the Quartier de la création. It will be a place of learning, sharing, development for the production and the dissemination of contents, training, experiments, research and incubation. 

A major project

The Nantes St-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Audencia Business School and Télénantes have come together to lead the Médiacampus project. The ambition is to create a unique and unifying place within the Quartier de la création in Nantes, which will group together a higher education establishment (Audencia SciencesCom), a media station (Télénantes) and a tertiary platform.


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A convergence point in the fields of culture and creation 

The transfer of Audencia SciencesCom to the Ile de Nantes is a project that dates back a number of years, and whose successful realization takes an original form: that of grouping together a communication school and a local television station on one site. Today, it is an unparalleled cooperation of its kind in France. This project, which is called Médiacampus, aims to become a unique and unifying place, bringing together many players in the communications and media economy. In fact, the 5,700 m2 building will accommodate Audencia SciencesCom and Télénantes, which will operate television and radio studios.

One of the first concrete accomplishments will be the creation of a partnership with other higher education and research establishments, including the University of Nantes, a research laboratory encouraging innovation and collaboration between the different players in the profession (training, information, journalism, studies, advertising, communication, telecoms, etc.).

 In the heart of the Quartier de la création, a booming area

Médiacampus will be located in the heart of the Quartier de la création in the Ile de Nantes, a changing area with a strong urban recomposition. At the crossing of a proactive cultural policy that has been in place for 20 years and an ambitious urban project on the Ile de Nantes, the Quartier de la création has brought to the foreground a center of excellence in the field of the cultural and creative industries.

The building will thus join all the architectural projects that have given a new lease of life and a new face to the industrial heritage of the Ile de Nantes: the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture, la Galerie des machines, la Fabrique, the Beaulieu Shopping Center, l’École des Beaux-Arts [school of fine arts], etc.

A true training and exchange crossroad, Médiacampus aims to integrate different players around a single base composed of Audencia SciencesCom and Télénantes.


A collaboration that benefits students and professionals in the sector.

Audencia SciencesCom students, the professionals of tomorrow, may practice their future profession under exceptional conditions, while Télénantes will benefit from the new way in which it will be perceived by the new generation. This cooperation has also led to the creation of new educational media-related objects. 

Learning, sharing, experiments, research and incubation are at the heart of this collaboration, which until then, is unique between a school and a television station.