Double diplôme

Double diplôme : Cycle master international en communication, médias et marketing

Audencia SciencesCom et le Centre Universitaire de Santander en Espagne (CESINE) proposent à leurs étudiants un double diplôme en Communication, médias et marketing délivré par les deux établissements.

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Fundamental Courses

Integration seminar

Fundamentals of communication and information theories

Communication and market studies methodology & microagency

Fundamentals of organisation theories applied to communication and media

News and information search and monitoring

Social media management

Multimedia storytelling : an example of French luxury brands

Marketing: concepts and issues for communication and media

Public speaking techniques

Electives and specialisation courses: to choose from

Politics : communication and media in French perspective

Relationship marketing

Press relations for corporate communications

Consumer behaviour

Mobile video

Management Skills

Serving consumers in global markets

Business Spanish

Business English

Business Project

Internship in a company or institution

Validation of a professional report based on internship experience (18 weeks)

Strategic Management

International Commerce

International Business Management

Business Spanish

Business English

Business Project


Fundamental Courses

Epistemology of communication and information sciences

Strategic communication

Critical marketing

Organisation theories with a managerial approach

Specialisation courses

Creative advertising and the brand’s digital ecosystem

Sensitive communication

Media business models

Professional English

Second language: Spanish or German

Elective courses

Communication strategy and media planning

PR and communication in a global context

Political communication

NGO communication

Brand activation

International press relations

Social media & global impact

20 to 24 weeks internship