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Learn all about Audencia Sciencescom in three minutes flat. Here are 10 answers to key questions about: the degrees, the competitive entrance exam, programs, careers, etc.


The "Communications Manager” degree, which validates 3 years’ training (Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree) is listed as five year Higher Education diploma by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Audencia Sciencescom is the only private higher education training in communication and media in France to deliver a state-approved diploma.

The Bachelor’s Degree (1st Year) leads to a level II RNCP (National System of Certification) certificate, on request, if not followed by a Master’s Degree.

After training, the graduate placement rate at 6 months is over 85%.

Sectors recruiting our alumni are diverse (businesses, communications consulting agencies, media, institutions, etc.), and so are company size and geographical area.

The Audencia Sciencescom Alumni network allows our graduates to access job offers and develop their own networks by organizing numerous events where they can meet.

Audencia Sciencescom prepares for all communication and media careers with the exception of those that are specifically technical or artistic.

View presentations of jobs in the communication and media industry.

Audencia SciencesCom combines rigor, academic excellence and a wide range of professional applications to ensure a high-level training that meets business requirements.

Audencia Sciencescom focuses on different forms of learning – courses, seminars, conferences, business projects, etc. – so that students can assimilate basic concepts, put tools into perspective and use them.

Audencia Sciencescom offers apprenticeship partnerships to Master’s Degree students: "Manager in Digital Strategy" and "Manager in Content Strategy".

This cooperative education is carried out at a rate of 4 days per week in a company and one day a week in school. It allows the student to gain a solid first professional experience and be entrusted with genuine tasks and responsibilities.

Customized support and close proximity between faculty members, instructors and students are the main features of Audencia Sciencescom.

Each student is subject to continuous personal support to enable them to choose the most suitable personal and professional options.

Audencia Sciencescom’s teaching staff consists of faculty members specialized in communication and media and stakeholders from the business world. 

130 keynote speakers and faculty members are involved in Audencia Sciencescom.

Audencia SciencesCom is developing the international scope of its programs so that students work with globalization as their background.

Master’s Degree students are obliged to spend one semester of their studies abroad through partnerships with 42 universities in thirty countries worldwide.

In addition, each student takes classes in English and prepares the TOEFL.
 A second foreign language is also available (Spanish or German).

Audencia Sciencescom has moved in the heart of the Nantes Creative District to join the first Mediacampus in France : an unprecedented combination of communication and media training and a media outlet (Télénantes).

Recognized by the State, the program welcomes students who have been awarded a scholarship by the French Ministry of Education. They represent 27% of the total headcount.

Audencia Sciencescom has set up its own system of internal scholarships.

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