Mission and values

Audencia SciencesCom

At Audencia SciencesCom, we are convinced that communication is essential to creating and accompanying sustainable development approaches, in order to bring about behavioral changes and promote examples for others to follow.

But it will be all the more effective and credible that it will lead to the adoption of an eco-responsible attitude in creating messages and producing more environmentally-friendly communication tools.

Audencia SciencesCom defines itself as a humanist school, open to the world and concerned about the diversity of its students.  Equity, ethics, responsibility, commitments and citizenship are part of its values and are integrated in its courses.

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Partner universities in 26 countries


Audencia SciencesCom offers trainings that center around four guiding principles:

Theory and practice

  • Courses, conferences, and seminars...alternating the pace and forms of teaching allow us to vary the way in which students learn.
  • From the necessary theory, which allows students to develop the thinking and sense of analysis of future managers, to the essential practice, students do research and at the same time learn how to manipulate the techniques and tools of their future professions. 
  • Students have significant technological means at their disposal.


  • Professionalism cannot be taught!  It is acquired from contact with professionals.  This is the reason why Audencia SciencesCom has implemented an educational organization that allows students to learn their professions by practicing it in real working situations.
  • This work takes the form of real service deliveries to sponsors (micro-agences ©) as well as internships or apprenticeship.


  • After years of studies, the major absentee from the journey is often knowledge of oneself, of one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Individual support allows each student to find the right balance between their aspirations, personal skills and the needs of the sector in terms of employment.

Openness to the global world

  • Audencia SciencesCom has developed a true international dimension (internships abroad, compulsory semester of studies abroad in the 2nd year of the master's degree program, courses taught in English and second foreign language (Spanish or German). 


Audencia SciencesCom shares the same values with the other programs of Audencia Business School, which are the common thread of all these trainings: academic rigor, proximity with companies, openness to the global world, culture, humanism, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and innovation.