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Competitive Entrance Examination

Admission is based on a competitive entrance exam, the programs are open to students of all streams. This diversity contributes to the quality of exchanges and open-mindedness.

  • The Bachelor’s Degree caters to students having obtained or preparing a two-year Higher Education diploma (preparatory classes, BTS (vocational training certificate), IUT (University Institute of Technology), two-year associate degree...)
  • The Master’s Degree caters to students having obtained or preparing a three-year Higher Education diploma (bachelor’s degree, professional degree, approved or certified bachelors...) or postgraduate degree (masters, one-year post-graduate degree, business school...) 


For more information and to apply, please contact us : 

Why a competitive entrance examination?

To promote support for students 
With 350 students per year, Audencia SciencesCom is a human-size program where each student receives individual attention.

To facilitate the professional integration of graduates 
Maintaining this number is also due to the willingness to match graduates’ hiring capacity on the labor market, in the field of communication and media as much as possible. Graduate placement rate at 6 months is over 85%.

To ensure equity for all and a balance of profiles
 The competitive entrance examinations reflect a certain requirement and the written test - anonymous - assesses the academic level of the candidates under fair conditions as expected by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Oral tests assess the motivation and personality of candidates and create classes that take into account in particular the heterogeneity of profiles that come to the school.

Audencia SciencesCom is open to students with diverse backgrounds (literature, scientific, legal, economic, higher education establishments, universities, professional...) and paths (France or abroad).


The Bachelor’s Degree is accessible, following a competitive entrance examination, to students having obtained or preparing a two-year Higher Education diploma. 

1st Year Master’s Degree
The 1st Year Master’s Degree is accessible, following a competitive entrance examination, to students having obtained or preparing a three-year Higher Education diploma. 


You do not need to be an expert! If you come to study at Audencia SciencesCom, it is to precisely acquire a professional culture in these sectors. The expected level of knowledge involves general culture showing open-mindedness and curiosity.

A good knowledge of information (radio, television, press, web) will increase your chance of success. Indeed, most tests are based on social issues. What are you expected to do? That you are able to present solid arguments and give your opinion! 

You can check the annals and attend the open day during which we will answer all your questions on the competitive entrance examination tests and give some preparation tips.

For the analysis, reflection and synthesis test, candidates are required to give a clear and structured answer to the question asked. The essay consists of both the personal views of the candidate and arguments set out in the documents folder. The essay structure depends on the question asked, as is the case for all these exercises: thesis - antithesis - synthesis in general. 

Good writing skills is paramount. You are encouraged to express your point of view.

Many students dread this step. This interview is in no way a test. It aims to assess whether your personality, skills, background and motivations are in line with the offer and objectives of the training provided by Audencia SciencesCom.

No, because the tests are not based on specific knowledge. All students, regardless of their previous training (or professional background) can apply. Audencia SciencesCom training courses are designed to complement previous career-paths. Mixing profiles even constitutes a valuable resource.

Fluency in English has become essential in the fields of communication and media. However, the English test is not eliminatory, if sufficient results were obtained on other tests.

Around one out of every two students manage to pass the different stages of the competitive entrance examinations to attend Audencia SciencesCom.