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The competitive entrance examination for Bachelor’s Degree (1st Year) and Master Degree (2nd and 3rd Years) for Audencia Sciencescom consists of written and oral tests. 

Eligibility is determined by written tests, three tests grouped in one day. The marks are weighted by their respective coefficient and determine candidate ranking after the written tests. After establishing this ranking, the selection board sets the eligibility threshold, the mark from which the candidates are declared eligible.

Eligible candidates are then invited to take oral tests. The average marks obtained in these tests determine a ranking. Based on this ranking, the jury decides on the final list of admitted candidates.


Analysis, reflection and synthesis test

Through a substantive question on communication or media, candidates are invited to relate the sources provided in the dossier (press articles, research articles, quotes) to understand the different aspects of the question and express an opinion. This test is designed to assess understanding of various arguments, processing skills as well as summarizing and analyzing information. Writing and demonstration skills, clarity and precision are the main assessment criteria.


Analysis, reflection and synthesis test4 hour6
General knowledge test1 hour2
Comprehension and vocabulary test in English30 minutes2


Personal interview

This test is held before a jury composed of a faculty member and a communication and media professional. At the beginning of the interview the candidate presents, in a mandatory 5-minute format, a subject previously selected at random and prepared for 30 minutes. The jury evaluates the candidate's motivations and personal project. The jury assesses effectiveness and candidate’s accuracy of arguments, general knowledge, analytical capabilities and oral communication.

Group interview

Candidates must organize their decision making and build a common response to a problem. The jury, composed of a faculty member and a communication and media professional, appreciates the ability to take part in team work.

Oral English proficiency test

This test is designed to assess the candidate’s comprehension and speaking skills in English. It takes the form of a text or a newspaper article to comment on.  


Personal interview30 minutes6
Group interview30 minutes2
Oral English - proficiency test15 minutes2