Tuition fees and financing

Tuition fees for the Audencia SciencesCom program are:

  • Bachelor's degree entrance :
    1st year : 7000€
    2nd year : 7750€ or apprenticeship
    3rd year : 7750€ or apprenticeship
  • Master's degree entrance:
    2nd year : 7900€ or apprenticeship
    3rd year : 7900€ or apprenticeship


The tuition fee amount is the responsibility of the student and is part of the training cost. Audencia SciencesCom benefits from financial support from companies and regional authorities who cover a significant proportion of the overall cost.



Higher education scholarships are managed by the French state. They are awarded on social criteria. Applications must be made through prior registration on the CROUS website of the academy in which you study between January and April for the start of the school year in September at Audencia SciencesCom.

Audencia SciencesCom scholarships

Audencia SciencesCom are allocated based on social criteria, after reviewing the application, by the Audencia SciencesCom Scholarship Committee. These scholarships are for students pursuing studies at Audencia SciencesCom. Applications are to be submitted in May and relates to Bachelor’s Degree students for a scholarship in 1st Year Master’s Degree course, and students in 1st Year Master’s Degree course for a scholarship in 2nd Year Master’s Degree course. 

Regional Council scholarships

Scholarships may be granted by the Regional Council, by the city hall of where you were born as well as by your parents’ pension fund.

Mobility scholarships for the Pays de la Loire Regional Council (ENVOLEO scholarships) help you finance your study period abroad. European Union international mobility scholarships (Erasmus, Socrates, etc.) accompany certain university exchange programs in the European framework. Audenica Business School International Relations Management is responsible for centralizing mobility scholarship applications.

The missions in business

Internships are a required part of the curriculum.

All internships of the Audencia SciencesCom program are subject to a stipend.


Open to Master’s Degree students, this course allows you to finance your education while alternating between theoretical training and in-company professional experience.

In addition to its educational value, apprenticeships allow you to become an employee of the company and be paid a salary (around 67 to 90% of the minimum wage) for the duration of the 28 month contract.

The company that hosts the apprentice pays part of the tuition directly to Audencia SciencesCom.

Audencia Nantes negotiated partnerships with several banks so you can benefit from loans with preferred rates.

With some establishments, loans may be granted without requiring a guarantee for French students.


Audencia SciencesCom negotiated partnerships with several banks so you can benefit from loans with preferred rates. 

With some establishments, loans may be granted without requiring a guarantee.

Audencia SciencesCom can act as guarantor under conditions.

Audencia SciencesCom offers a discount on tuition fees for students who have taken out a loan from a partner bank, and pay all their tuition fees in September.

For information, below are the Audencia specific banking offers (excluding insurance). There are no administration fees in all these banks.

Contact : Arnaud MORICE
Mail :
Branch: 17 route de Paris - Nantes
: 02 28 08 84 31
Rate :  0,90 % within the limit of 30 000 euros

  • The possible duration is a 5-year grace period followed by a 5-year repayment period
  • Any withdrawals and payments by bank card will be free of charge in France and abroad
  • €50 will be offered on each anniversary year
  • €80 offered upon opening the account


Contact : Fabienne DESMARIE ou Magalie GARÇON
Tel : 02 40 40 09 34
Mail :
Branch : Nantes Rond Point de Rennes
Rate : 1%
Date of validity : May 1 to October 31 2016
Maximum amount : 50 000 €
Duration : from 24 to 84 months
Maximum grace period : 60 months

  • 50% on the bank card and the CAC
  • €50 worth of online vouchers for establishing 3 direct debits.
  • Withdrawals and payments free of charge abroad with the Mozaic card
  • €50 offer for home, car or health insurance policy 

Contacts : Aurélie DELOGE / Julien BROSSAULT / Aurélien CHARRIER

Mail :

Agence : Nantes Universités - 86 rue de la Bourgeonnière - 44300 Nantes

Tél : 02 51 83 69 61  - 02 51 83 69 62 – 02 51 83 69 63

Taux Prêt Etudes : 0,80% HA jusqu’à 50 000 euros sur 108 mois (différé compris)


  • Carte Bancaire Visa 1er à 1€/an pendant 4 ans – découvert sans frais
  • Assurance des moyens de paiement à 1€ la 1ère année
  • Des solutions pour vos séjours à l’étranger
  • Crédit « Avance rentrée » 500 € à 1000 € sans intérêt et sans frais de dossier
  • Prime 100 € pour ouverture d’un compte actif (mini 2 mois d’activité soit 8 opérations/mois enregistrées, voir conditions en agence)

    Contact : Emilie Querrec ou Benoit Chaigne
    Tel : 02 72 96 15 03
    Mail : ou
    Branch : 15, route de la Jonelière – Nantes
    Rate : 0,8 %

      • Loan without parental guarantee under certain conditions (subscribed with the LMDE (Student Social Security Organization))
      • Banking services are reimbursed the 1st year + €40 offered for LMDE subscribers


      Contact : Jonathan RENAUD
      : 31, Bd Michelet – Nantes
      : 02 40 74 47 48
      within the limit of 120 000 euros + Back to school offer €1,500 at 0 %

      • €50 offered upon opening the account or insurance offered for the 1st year (within the limit of €76)
      • €30 upon opening a Livret Jeune (savings account for people aged between 12 and 25) or Livret A (savings account) or Livret BFM (savings account + loan option) (for eligible parties)
      • Offer “Jazz” Visa Premier credit card at €1/yr for 4 years
      • 3 months offered on the international “jazz” option (SG commission exemption on withdrawals and payment made abroad)



      Contact : Charlene FRIN
      Mail :
      Branch : 50 otages – Nantes
      : 02 51 25 06 34
      Rate : 0,75 %

        • €80 will be offered upon opening the account or house insurance at €1 + €50 at each anniversary
        • “Esprit Libre” service free of charge for 4 years
        • €1,000 loan at 0%
        • Free withdrawals abroad with Global Alliance and up to €100 refund on withdrawal fees and payments abroad
        • Health coverage offered for internships abroad


        Contact : Cécile DUCOIN, Conseiller Clientèle
        Poste Office : 2 Place de Bretagne - BP 73813 44038 NANTES CEDEX 1
        Tel : 02 51 82 57 19
        Rate : Privileged fixed APR at 1% until 10/31/16 for an amount borrowed from €1,000 to €35,000 from 12 months to 108 months, grace period included

        • Formule du Compte* (Account Package) with an account, international bank card, payment protection loss/theft insurance + access to online banking
        • €0 the first year for 16-25 year olds for any subscription from 02/02 to 12/31/2016

        * Subject to acceptance by La Banque Postale. Find out more at your Post Office.