Career coaching

Accompany your success

The Audencia Careers team of consultants is comprised of human relations professionals, psychologists and coaches who follow you during your studies as well as after you have graduated, to better accentuate your skills and build your career plan in France and abroad. 

Pave the path of your career plan

A 5-step coaching plan during the bachelor's degree cycle:

  • Know how to create your résumé
  • The rules for writing a cover letter
  • Digital identity: awareness and creation
  • Reflection on the choice of internship
  • Debriefing at the end of the internship

Define your own path

In the Master’s Degree course Audencia SciencesCom offers you the chance to reflect on the direction in which you would like your career to go, via different steps:

  • Work on self-awareness and identify your skills
  • Define your priorities and motivations
  • Communicate better through your job application tools: Résumé, cover letter; online presence
  • Know and develop your network
  • Argue your case and accentuate your skills during an interview 

Validate your career plan

Thanks to the progressive coaching, which is complementary to your academic program:

Theme-based group workshops
 Encouraging peer-to-peer and interactivity

 Personalized service offer
 Offering each student the possibility to benefit from an individual appointment, on request 

Use the best tools

The professional world is constantly changing; the Audencia Careers team offers you classical tools as well as Web 2.0 solutions

 Personality tools to better know yourself
 Profil Pro 2, STRONG, PNL
 Databases and online tools

LinkedIn, Jobteaser, GoinGlobal, Careers Intelligence- Vault, Paynegociation