Medical or legal consultants, respectively, give an expert opinion on the state of a sick person or a matter. 

In communications, they help their clients to choose messages in connection with their company’s strategy, as well as advise them on the targets and supports to use. Considered too expensive, ineffective and always proposing the same solutions, consultants often get a bad press.

However, they are a vital support for a company’s manager; they are aware of the difficulties in managing and anticipating changes by relying on the company’s only internal resources. 

These communication specialists bring efficiency and an outside view to the company, with their methodological expertise, their skills and experience.

Consultants aim, first and foremost, to understand the company’s environment, its history, its assets, its weaknesses, its competitors, etc.

They go in to the field, see staff, partners, or even the company’s competitors.

Once the information has been gathered and critically analyzed, they propose a communication policy.