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Advertising Manager

Reporting to the sales director, or the account manager, the advertising manager is responsible for analyzing the needs of their clients and advising them on the implementation of their strategy. They are the interface between client and the agency’s creative team. Their duties and responsibilities vary significantly according to the size of the agency. 

In a small-sized structure, they are versatile and very independent. They attend the client brief and participate in drafting the strategy copy. This document will then serve as the basis for the creative work by the copywriter and the artistic director. They prepare the work of the creative staff by gathering as much information as possible on the brand, its history, the usual focus of its communication, etc. They entrust the creation of the campaign to campaign directors.

During the campaign preparation they coordinate and supervise the work of the creative staff as well as monitor the campaign. 

They are in constant contact with the client. Furthermore, they also act as managers and ensure budgets are not exceeded. In addition, they supervise the different external partners, their quotes and deadlines. 

Related Jobs:

Group Leader

Experienced advertising managers, group leaders manage a number of subordinate advertising managers. They monitor the activities of their team and ensure that the actions carried out meet the requirements and objectives defined by the client. Required qualities: enthusiasm to manage, organize, quick decision-making skills.

Account Manager

They act both as managers and salespersons. They manage a team of group leaders or advertising managers, according to the size of the agency. They are also responsible for one or more budgets. They give advice on and study how to attract clients and earn their loyalty. 

Sales Manager

They manage and motivate the agency team and set sales objectives. They order studies to evaluate the impact of campaigns. Based on this data, the sales managers define a communications policy for their clients. 

Development Officer 

This is a separate person in the agency, and is attached to the sales department. They are the Marco Polos of the agency in that they search for new projects. They manage the competitions in which the agency is involved. They are El Dorado spotters.