Events Communication Manager

Thousands of apples with a bite taken out of them, lining the sidewalks of New York’s Fifth Avenue for the launch of a new cell phone? That’s a communications event!

Events communication managers must surprise, give in to the extraordinary to communicate with the general public. Their aim: to establish and develop the company’s image. Beneath the spectacular aspect, there is a strategic thought process: finding the right approach to appeal to the targeted audience.

But the idea is not all; the manager must also supervise all the logistics of the project, from its conception to completion. Making contact with the different service providers (caterers, cameramen, artists, etc.) and dealing with numerous requirements (room and car rentals, press conferences, etc.), are all part of their everyday routine. They then assess the benefits of the event in conjunction with the press attaché. Events communication may also be used internally. 

Conventions, symposiums and quality circles are also services that center on the corporate culture.