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Media Planner

Before an advertising campaign is launched, the media plan must be defined, by choosing the distribution supports, the times, the frequency and duration of the spots, etc. 

At what time and how often should the campaign be aired? The media planner’s job is to think about all of this. 

Shrewd strategists, they know everything or almost everything about media life, especially new supports (Internet, cell phones, etc). To reach the audience targeted by a campaign, they select the most fitting communication supports and make their choice. They, therefore, optimize the impact of the campaign on the targeted audiences. Research analysts support them in their duties by providing quantified data (audience figures, surveys on consumer panels) to guide them.

They must also take their client’s budget into account. They are, therefore, faced with a twofold requirement: to justify that at the lowest cost, the campaign will effectively reach the chosen audience. Once media planners have made their choices, they then recommend them to their clients. After they have received them, the media planners establish a media plan in which they bring together all the chosen supports, the frequency of the messages and the publication calendar, as well as the selected advertising spaces.