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Media Research Analyst

Close to the programs director, media research analysts prepare the field to contribute to the programming strategy of a channel or station. Their concern: viewers and listeners. 

Who are they and how many of them are there? What are their tastes and habits? They also analyze media competitors. Research analysts play a strategic role in the audience race.

The preliminary study to launch a program or fill the program grid must be solid and precise. To achieve that aim, media research analysts analyze the different and increasingly specialized quantified data, and must know how to make pertinent summaries from them. In a broad outline, their work can be divided into two steps: The investigative work and the search across markets and different public. The studies are both quantitative and qualitative (audience behavior). The summarizing work in which the data that respond to a global question and defined by the managing team, is included. Research analysts present this summary to their managers. Research analysts may work in specialized institutes (e.g. Rentrak). They also have links with media planners, whose work fall within a scope of advertising logic.