Press attaché

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The press attaché of yesteryear has made way for the true press relations adviser of today. 

Whether it is an agency, a company or as a freelancer, he or rather she - because two-thirds of the profession is made up of women - connects the two distinctly different worlds: the business world and that of the journalists. 

Passionate about the company, the personality or the service that they are promoting, their goal is to endeavor to convince journalists to reflect this passion in their media.

Do they use promotional-type speech? No! In fact, the essence of press attachés’ skill consists in transforming communication into information: not only must they inform the journalist, but even more importantly, they must know how to pique their interest. Reading the press attentively, drafting a communiqué, organizing a press conference or a trip, are all part of their everyday routine. The core of their work, therefore, lies in establishing contacts with journalists, whom they must know how to skillfully and methodically inform and follow up on matters.

Finally, they follow up on articles that have been actually published in the press and make summaries of them: Press books and press reviews are, therefore, part of their agenda.