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Programming Manager

Programming Managers must choose from among the ingredients (programs) to create a menu (the program grid) aimed at satisfying consumers (viewers or listeners).

They fall under the Antenna and Programs Department of a television (or radio) station. The scope of their responsibility depends on the size of the channel. Tasked with composing the grid and making dates with viewers, they set the time and date of each product according to the demands of the editorial line, audience objective and advertising. The main task of programming managers is to find the best match between audience expectations and available contents, in accordance with the editorial line, which embodies the spirit of the channel.

In other words, the uniqueness of the grid expresses the channel’s identity. Then, in conjunction with the programs adviser, who is a specialist in a particular domain (fiction, youth, live shows, sport, etc.), they search for new program concepts, orient and define the contents of a product, then identify the corrections to be made. They are also involved in co-producing projects when the television channels must invest in the production of films and documentaries.