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Strategic planner

Strategic planners are the first link in a long process that ends with the completion of a campaign.

They have two main assignments. First, they must understand the trends and anticipate forthcoming ones to better understand the audience targeted by the advertisement. To achieve this, they constantly monitor trends, surf the Web and thrive on art and literature press. This activity can take over 2 hours per day. They also study consumers, their different types of behavior and analyze the different sociology or marketing surveys. 

Following the client brief, they then are responsible for drafting the copy strategy, a vital document for the continuation of operations. After the different phases of study and analysis, they define the problems, the recommended solutions, the targets, the messages and everything that will give the product or brand an edge. This function also requires a considerable amount of rigor because strategic planners need to argue and show that the adopted solution is the most appropriate for the brand. 

The main interface between the salespersons and the creative staff, planners contribute to the reflections of some and drive inspiration in others. They may also assess the impact of the advertising campaign once it has ended. This control function is very well developed in England.

It is a bit less developed in France.